Our Dip & Strip Method uses a 3-step process:

  • The first step uses a chemically hot ingredient that is kept at ambient temperature or 65F. This tank uses the same ingredients that are in any thick strip paste one would buy at any local home improvement store except we have it in a concentrated liquid form. This step addresses varnishes, latex and enamel paint.

  • The second step uses a chemically cold ingredient that is not available to the do-it-yourselfer, heated to between 100F and 130F. The aim of this process is to remove milk paint, "lead" paint and stains.

  • The third step also uses a chemically cold ingredient heated to between 100F and 130F. This is a neutralizer terminating the chemical process and acts to color-control the final finish.

Although we do not do any refinishing at TIMBY'S, we will help the do-it-yourselfer with advice on seal coating, sanding and finishes to the best of our knowledge. We also have references for repairs if needed.

TIMBY'S strives to remove all finishes from wood or metal but there can be layers of unknown products that our chemicals cannot address. We will stop the process at anytime we feel the integrity of your wood may be compromised.

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