Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Where are you Located?
    We are located at 2435 N Lombard St. in Portland, Oregon, in the red warehouse behind the green building.
  2. Where do I bring my items to have them stripped?
    Bring your items into the parking lot on the east side of the building.
  3. Should I call first?
    Yes, please call ahead to make sure we are not out running errands.
  4. Do I need to remove hardware?
    No, we can remove the hardware for you.
  5. Is it necessary to de-nail items such as trim, windows, etc?
    You should de-nail for easier transport and to avoid damage to other items you are bringing, but if itís difficult for you, we can de-nail for a nominal charge. Remember to pull the nails through from the back to prevent damage to the faces of the items.
  6. Do you clean hardware?
    Yes, cleaning the hardware is included in the price of the items we are stripping when you bring it in with the main piece to be stripped. With doors, you should also bring in the hinge half and lock strike on the door jamb.
  7. Do you offer any other service for the hardware after stripping?
    Yes, we can burnish the metal for a consistent finish for an hourly fee.
  8. Does your process damage glass?
    No, the process doesnít damage glass but it has a tendency to melt out the glazing.
  9. What happens if the glass gets broken?
    If we do something to damage the glass, then we will pay for a replacement. However, if the glass breaks due to incorrect installation or a chip where the push points are, then it is the customersí responsibility to repair it.
  10. What is your lead time?
    Lead time differs depending on what is in the shop at any given time. It can be from 1 to 4 weeks.
  11. How long do I have to wait before I can paint or refinish my item(s)
    Refinishing or painting a newly stripped item depends on our Oregon weather. We get items very wet going through three (3) different chemical processes and washing them with water in between, so temperature, air movement, humidity along with time is a constant variable.
  12. Will wood items be damaged by the stripping process?
    The most common occurrence, especially with soft wood, is furring. We make every effort to keep this at a minimum, however, we have no control over what kind of paint, stain or other finish is on the items being stripped. Some of them are more difficult to get off than others.
  13. Will my items have a chemical smell?
    No! Wood items will smell like new wet wood.
  14. What is bleed out?
    Bleed out is when there is inert liquid down in the cracks/crevices and as the wood dries, it draws the liquid out and leaves a stain. We attempt to minimize this, but it can take several days after stripping for this to occur. This is mostly a concern if staining or finishing with a natural finish.
  15. Can you strip finish off metal?
    Yes, we can strip metal as long as the finish is not powder coated. The metal MUST be clean and free from any grease or oil (oily residue) We also strip hardware that isnít necessarily with a wood order. Fees vary depending on desired service.
  16. Can you strip rust off metal?
    We canít take rust off metal, we can only strip paint off of it.
  17. What is the largest size that you can strip?
    With straight stripping, we can strip 42Ē wide (max) by 83Ē tall. We can do more complex stripping for longer pieces but since we have to handle it several times to get it up to our standards for clean, itís necessary to charge more. Call and discuss your items with Tim.

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